Another library opens in Haida Gwaii

Massett photoThis time the excitement was in Old Massett, which geography experts will identify as being located at the north end of Graham Island in Haida Gwaii. For those whose geography isn’t great, that’s the former Queen Charlotte Islands, found off the BC coast near Alaska.

The Haida people have lived here for many thousands of years. The elders have many stories to tell, and the new library of Old Massett will be a repository for that aboriginal history, perhaps the first First Nations library in all of Canada. Those books will be catalogued along with many other books for elders, kids and everybody to read.

Lt.Governor of British Columbia Judy Guichon, along with Principal Secretary to the Lt. Governor Jamie Hammond, were in attendance at the opening. They were joined by Christoph Neufeld of Britco Structures in Langley. To date, Britco has been the main sponsor of the Write to Read project, donating several buildings and paying for shipment.

Neufled flew up to Massett met with project organizer Beng Favreaux to open the new library on October 19th. It was a great event with many from the community attending. After the opening everyone adjourned to the community hall and enjoyed dinner with those from the community who could make it. There is no doubt that the library will make a difference in the community. The added bonus with having the computers is that many people will have access to the internet, something most do not currently enjoy.

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