A visit from Big Bob inspires Lions Gate Club

Why would any organization take on the task of “partnering” with a remote First Nations community whom they have never met?  Why shoulder the task of fundraising and the other attendant details that emanate from such a commitment? For members of the Lions Gate Rotary club, that inspiration came from a personal visit from former District 5040 Rotary Regional Governor Bob Blacker.

There is a multitude of ways to assist people dealing with poverty or any form of adversity.  Money is often offered among the first ideas, followed by medical care, free housing, welfare programs and food.  However, many studies have shown that the most effective form of long-term assistance lies in providing literacy to the recipients of the aid.

Starting two years ago, Bob Blacker has been quietly taking that message to various organizations such as Rotary, the RCMP, the Coast Guard, firefighters, architectural groups, native bands, and anyone who is interested in assisting aboriginal communities. It was a personal visit from Bob Blacker that convinced members of the Lions Gate Rotary Club to make a major commitment to help in the fight against illiteracy.  Club member Elizabeth Chong explains why.

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