We in W2R have been blessed with great sponsors. Our latest sponsor TOTAL SUPPORT SOLUTIONS came about as a result of a Victoria-Harbourside Rotary Club meeting. Bob Blacker was giving a W2R presentation and during that zoom talk connected with one of the members. This member said her son-in-law was working with First Nations in relation to computers and IT training & solutions. A few days later Bob received a call from Chris Gillen, Total Support CEO, in relation to what W2R was doing and as a result we now has a supplier of computers and all hardware associated with the learning centre installations. In addition Total Support will, at no cost support the computers and look after any problems that may surface with the ability to fix those problems online. This has been huge for us as the support for our computers has always been a concern, now we do not have to worry about that. More impressive to us, CEO Chris joined us on our trip to Gitsegukla so he is seeing firsthand how we conduct our installs as well as how we connect with our community…. win win all around!