Project coordinator Bob Blacker updates all new libraries

Old Masset Ceremony

The Old Masset Library is now gifted to the Old Massett Village Council.

Lax Kw’alaams: The great news is that the furniture/shelving for the library is now being constructed by the Nanaimo Correctional Centre. We were able to meet up with the owner of WINDSOR PLYWOOD for Vancouver Island and not only did we get the plywood we were looking for at cost but also the owner Randal Jones donated to W2R $20,000 to be used towards the construction costs.

The plan is to have the Mission Rotary Club pick up the shelving in Nanaimo and drive it up to Port Hardy and then catch the overnight ferry to Prince Rupert. Next the club will deliver the shelving to Lax Kwa’laams and help with setting up the shelving and furniture. Finally, they will assist the LRT’s to set up the library and then drive back to Vancouver. Once the LRT’s have finished with the library and the computers and ipads are installed the library will be ready to open.

Metlakatla has been operating since early 2015 so it is ready for a grand opening.

Tsay Key Dene: The library is now onsite, the LRT’s have set up the library and First Nation books have been ordered. Once we have the computers installed in the library we will be ready to open it.

Yekoochee: Located on Stuart Lake near Fort Saint James the Principal of the Community School Eric Di Nozi contacted W2R for assistance to regenerate their school library and make it into a community library. Margaret Fletcher and myself attended the community in November 2015 and were able to see what needed to be done. Margaret and the LRT’s are now putting together the books, shelving will have to be made by NCC and we will have two Rotary clubs involved. One will gather the books and computer hardware and the other will deliver the shelving and assist in putting the library together. It is anticipated that this will occur during the summer, optimal time for travelling to the community.

Ahoushat: We have already visited the community and the LRT’s are now putting the books together. Furniture has to be made and delivered along with the LRT’s setting up the library. Probable opening in the fall.

Xeni Gweti’n: This is our very first Version 4 library (to be built on site). The opening is dependent on how the design and building will take place and funding for that to happen. Hopefully the Jack GIN Foundation will be support it. First we need to know exactly how much the library will cost to build.

Stz’uminus: This request has just come in. The community worked very hard to build their school but unfortunately did not have funding for their library. I will be visiting the school and will meet with the Principal Tim Harris and see what we can do.

Snunymuxv (Nanaimo): We had originally intended to receive a building from the Municipality of Oak Bay but had to withdraw our interest due to hidden costs. The Young Professionals of Nanaimo have decided we will build the same was as for Xeni Gweti’n. They have already raised $25,000 towards building and met with W2R Architect Scott KEMP for the design.

Klemtu: By far has been the most challenging to get into the community because of weather, transportation and funding for that. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully our funder is going to be able to participate in the building of a Version 4 library.

Quatsino: Located north west of Port Hardy this small community is in the process of designing and building a new pre-school designed by our architect Scott Kemp. They are adding into the design a portion of the building to be a community library.

Paachidaat: Located near Port Renfrew. Margaret Fletcher and I have to visit the community to start the process. Their territory is next to the ocean and vulnerable to any tsunami, so a proper site needs to be found.

Glen Vowell: Located near Kispiox, this community has been on our radar since last year. I have spoken with the Education Coordinator Barb McRae but need to visit the community.

KYUQUOT – Located on northwest Vancouver Island, I have to go back to the community with W2R Architect Scott KEMP and W2R Engineer Mike Herold to meet with the community to start the planning process for a Version 4 library. This visit has to take place when the weather is good as the road from Campbell River is very rough.

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