Another successful library opening in Oweekeno

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Good things take time. So delivering a library to Oweekeno, also known as Rivers Inlet, and having an official opening with the Lt. Governor of the province of B.C., was a challenge that certainly took some time to accomplish. However, as promised, her Honour Lt. Governor Judy Guichon was in attendance at the library opening April 24th completing yet another Write to Read library project.

Presiding at the ribbon cutting along with Her Honour were Chief Rose Hackett, elder Emma who blessed the building, and Lionsgate Rotary President Peter Hansen. They were joined at a dinner at the Big House by navy crew members of HMCS Calgary, where Executive Officer Lt. Commander Josh Yanchus was presented a ceremonial paddle by the Chief. Local youth were invited to spend four hours as a guest of the captain and crew of the HMCS Calgary as they sailed the Rivers Inlet area. Also in attendance were members of the RCMP on their regular visit to Oweekeno.
This library was sponsOweekeno 4ored by the members of the Lionsgate Rotary Club of North Vancouver, who raised the funds necessary to make it all happen. As with every library completed to date, the modular building was donated by Britco Structures of Langley. The LRT (Library Response Team) supervised the selection and cataloguing of books. The library will be operated by the Oweekeno community, who will employ a librarian to supervise the building.
Oweekeno is located south of Bella Bella on the coast, a remote location accessible only by boat or plane. Write to Read Project Coordinator, Rotarian Bob Blacker, reports that the North Arm Barge Company delivered the trailer, but at commercial rates. BC Ferries has been kind to assist with other deliveries along the coast, like Old Massett, although they were not involved in this project.
The total estimated cost of the project was $60,000 of which $20,000 was needed for the transportation of the module into the village. A generous donation from the Jack Gin Foundation enabled the team to pay for transportation of the module from Vancouver to Rivers Inlet.
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