New volunteer brings Kyquot to the W2R team

Susan PlenskyYou won’t find Kyquot on most maps. The tiny community is hidden away on the far northwest coast of Vancouver Island. It’s only accessible by water taxi. The remoteness has some fortunate features, including tourism. Fishing is excellent, which means there are several fine (expensive) lodges. The waters near the villages are awash with “rafts” of sea otters, floating sweetly among kelp beds. Westcoast Expeditions operates a rustic camp and kayak centre on nearby Spring Island. The village has a tiny store, a school and a band office. The village is protected from the open ocean by a chain of islands on which you will find non-native folks living in summer cottages. The Plensky family has lived on their own little island for over 20 years.

Susan Plensky discovered the Write to Read website by accident and immediately sent an email, inquiring about the possibility of building a school. Susan’s background is First Nations education as she was a teacher, principal, School Trustee and Trustee Chair so her position with the W2R team will be Education Ambassador.

KyuqotOver the years the Plensky family grew, and so did their house. From time to time they put up passengers from the freight vessel Uchuck 111. The W2R team was welcomed to their home with open arms. If you ever plan to travel with the Uchuck (it sails from Gold River) be sure to visit Kyquot and say hello to Susan. She will be the W2R contact in Kyquot as we plan to build a Community Centre and Big House above the village.

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