Shirley-Pat’s Rotary Story

NEPETS 2018 Update#3:

Shirley-Pat & Friend So honoured and humbled by this opportunity to share My Rotary Story and the Write to Read Project. The NEPETS family did it again – not only did the incoming President-Elect class of 2018-2019 again give me money from their own pockets BUT the 2017-2018 District Governors represented will also be making donations! The approximate $2500 gift from these amazing Rotary Leaders plus the DGs donations will be leveraged into the W2R-BC’s first Rotary Foundation GLOBAL GRANT!! Hopefully the first of many 🤩This will enable us to build the first community designed culturally responsive community gathering space to build literacy equity WITH Xeni Gwet’in.

My heart is full – Sechanalyagh

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