Rocky Pines near Merritt


What began as a trip on the high seas to the Nanaimo Correctional Centre and our U LOCK Storage locker, waiting for ferries, a 3 hour drive up the Coquihalla Highway to Merritt and a short drive to ROCKY PINES our LRT’s Margaret, Carol, Liz and Marion (sorry to miss Barb this trip) working very hard – our 17th learning centre was installed.

I have great admiration for our team as the air conditioning was not working in the learning centre (the professionals tried everything to get it going) and as such the ladies had to work through 90 degree heat. I am glad we shut down early due to the heat however Chris Bur and myself went back later that evening to instal the TV and computers it went up to 99….. quickly opening the doors and window we were able to get it down to a respectable 90.

Now we just have to wait for the amazing donation of new aboriginal books from GOODMINDS. The largest donation yet, 1,000 books..(pre school to adult) an $18,000 gift. Thank you Jeff Burnham for this wonderful gift to the community.

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